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The frozen month

Mairie de Belfort

To celebrate the end of the year, the municipality of Belfort organised different animations based on the theme of “Sliding”. It enabled Belfort to reinforce its commercial attractiveness on three commercial areas of the city centre. The agency has created the brand: “The frozen month”, the visual campaign , as well as the declination of communication supports.

The visual campaign is colourful and matches the thematic of the city decoration: red, white and stars. With this urban and winterly decoration, you can recognize the fronts of the Faubourg of Montbéliard, not to mention the typical form of the Vosges market under the kind look of the Lion, a mythical symbol of the city. The playful and childish graphic universe shows the familial aspect of the demonstration, in the enchanting universe of Christmas.


Supports: Posters, 4×3, tarpaulins, press ads, postcard, invitation, fly, parade float and mascots, shuttle marking, 16 pages program, social networks and web site design