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Visual Identity

Les Vitrines de Belfort

After its integration within the national federation of city centres « les Vitrines de France », the association « Belfort Plein cœur » changed its name and has become « Vitrines de belfort »! That adhesion allows benefiting of a mutualisation of services, of communication actions, of a monitoring for Belfort, and also allows for every community belonging to the county of Territoire de Belfort to beneficiate of a new concept of logo that values the diversity, with freshness and dynamism. It is developped for a county communication “les Vitrines du Territoire”, for the markets “les Vitrines des marches de Belfort” and for the different communities (Beaucourt, Bessoncourt, Danjoutin, Delle-Joncherey, Giromany, Canton de Rougemont le Château, Valdoie). A booklet of presentation has been created for the merchants, to present the advantages and the actions led, along with a membership form.

Supports : logos, flap folder with a special cut, membership form, advertising campaign