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Chambre des Métiers et de l’artisanat // Chambre des Métiers et de l’artisanat

The Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA-FC) and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIR) of Franche-Comté are mobilizing to provide all Franche-Comté’s holders of project support to the creation of company, with a complete system including: information, support for the assembly of the project, training, advice on formalities and registration of the company, follow-up of newly created companies.
Supports: Logo, 4×3 poster campaign, shirt, mail, flyer, press kit, press inserts, cards, flyer, invitation, kakemono, tarpaulins …

Chambre des Métiers et de l’artisanat //

Chambre des Métiers et de l’artisanat

V8 American Diner // V8 American Diner

Creation of a loyalty card for the restaurant V8 American Diner.

V8 American Diner //

V8 American Diner

Mairie de Belfort // The frozen month

To celebrate the end of the year, the municipality of Belfort organised different animations based on the theme of “Sliding”. It enabled Belfort to reinforce its commercial attractiveness on three commercial areas of the city centre. The agency has created the brand: “The frozen month”, the visual campaign , as well as the declination of communication supports.

The visual campaign is colourful and matches the thematic of the city decoration: red, white and stars. With this urban and winterly decoration, you can recognize the fronts of the Faubourg of Montbéliard, not to mention the typical form of the Vosges market under the kind look of the Lion, a mythical symbol of the city. The playful and childish graphic universe shows the familial aspect of the demonstration, in the enchanting universe of Christmas.


Supports: Posters, 4×3, tarpaulins, press ads, postcard, invitation, fly, parade float and mascots, shuttle marking, 16 pages program, social networks and web site design

Mairie de Belfort //

The frozen month

AFNOR // Plenary Session of the Committee ISO

What is the relationship between an A4 sheet, drinking water, a hard hat and a pressure cooker? Standardization! The French Association for Standardization (AFNOR) publishes the collection of NF and AFAQ standards. It represents France at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In early November, AFNOR organized for a week in Belfort, the 68th plenary session of the standardization committee ISO / TC 184 / SC 4 Industrial Data, bringing together many international experts (Korean, Japanese, American, Italian, English…). These days were dedicated to the standardization of industrial data in the service of export competitiveness, development and consolidation of expertise, interoperability of digital exchanges.

Elephant accompanied the event by providing its expertise in the field of signage at the scene of the event (tarpaulin, signs, home terminal, spaces plans, badges, vehicle marking). The agency has also been responsible for the catering party, bringing a constant presence for breaks and meals, and organized a gala evening with the theme of “Wine and Cheese” for an introduction to the tastes of our land. It also provided transportation for participants, as well as the organization of city tours, major companies, or local artisans.

Based in the heart of the Valley of Energy, the agency Elephant is proud to have served industrialists, researchers, associations from different sectors (aerospace and automotive, energy, construction, manufacturing and transportation) which came to attend these days organized in partnership with the University of Technology Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) and the support of the Nuclear Engineering Division of EDF.


Supports: Visual identity, invitations, tarpaulins, signposts, reception area, spaces plans and planning, badges, vehicle marking, video recording.

Caterer service: cocktail party for between 50 and 100 people, warm and cold buffet with plancha or BBQ animations, (tea, coffee, pastries), gala evening for 50 people with the degustation of about fifthteen cheeses along with about ten different wines with animation.


Plenary Session of the Committee ISO

Frip'Vie // Communication support

Frip’Vie is an association of social and solidary economy that offers jobs and a socio-professional monitoring to precarious people living in Le Pays de Montbeliard, le Pays Horloger and Le Pays Hericourtois, by collecting, selecting and selling clothes.  This process is also ecological because its preserves the resources and reduces the wastes. The communication is developed around three axes: the collect of clothes with a selection and rules, the selling of piece of clothing, household linen, shoes, toys, in the four shops and the research of new emplacements for the people who collect towards the local authorities or major retailers.

Frip'Vie //

Communication support

Préfecture de Belfort // Signage

The prefecture of the Territoire de Belfort is committed since 2007 to a service certification process. The project is composed of a series of commitments to maintain a constant quality of the performances by placing the reception of users at the heart of our business. Therefore, the prefecture renewed its signage in order to improve the comfort and the orientation of the users: with the creation of a “flag” showing foreign wickets, vehicle registration and driving license, floors’ plans, offices’ plans. In order to facilitate the internal update of all of this by keeping at the same time the settled graphic chart, an application has been especially developed. On the outside, the prefecture has a new sober and sophisticated cut out letters signboard.

Préfecture de Belfort //


Manhattan Pizza // Signage

The signboard of this restaurant, based in Belfort, at boulevard Joffre, has been created by Elephant. You can clearly see the different skills and technics that Elephant is capable of. The design of the windows was made with adhesive (phone and website) and frosted (urban deco). The mention 24h/24 (7j/7 in French) is in embossed letters, and the signboard was made in plastified paper. For the lighting, LEDs were used.

Manhattan Pizza //


Natural Wash // Communication support

Natural Wash is specialized in the ecological car wash in the Territoire de Belfort. It offers a complete cleaning of the vehicle, inside and outside, at home or at your work place, always with a respectful approach to the environment. After the organic products’ labels, Elephant has developed the new visual identity of Natural Wash (on the loyalty cards, the leaflets and the posters including prices and services).

Natural Wash //

Communication support

Boiron // Signboard

Boiron laboratories are a French, familial and independent company, which produce and provide homeopathic pharmaceutical preparations for 80 years. At the moment, Boiron owns 31 distribution establishments in metropolitan France. Elephant has realised the outside signage of the distribution site of Belfort, based in La ZAC des Hauts de Belfort. Three signboards in plastified paper and adhesive have been put with a special tab for more volume.

Boiron //


UFR STGI // Visual identity

The main goal of the new visual identity is to show the dynamic that the UFR STGI represents. This new visual language is much more than a simple graphic evolution. Its goal is to highlight UFR STGI as a leader of the teaching and the innovation. It also aims to anticipate the creation of the Eco-Campus, vector of modernisation and synergy of the local actors and the University of Franche-Comté.

Elephant opted for noticeable and memorisable logo by everybody. He symbolizes the unity of the offers of teaching and brings modernity to the UFR STGI.

Supports : Visual identity, paper stationery, flap folder, web banner, posters


Visual identity

La Pause Tradition // Visual Identity

La pause tradition offers breads, pastries, baked goods and fast food thanks to meal deals from sandwich to quiche. You can find a large choice of simple and good products, to suit all tastes.

For its visual identity, we decided to choose the simplicity and to highlight the sense of the tradition with a contemporary and warm spirit.

Supports : visual identity, business card, flyers and menus

La Pause Tradition //

Visual Identity

Les Vitrines de Belfort // Visual Identity

After its integration within the national federation of city centres « les Vitrines de France », the association « Belfort Plein cœur » changed its name and has become « Vitrines de belfort »! That adhesion allows benefiting of a mutualisation of services, of communication actions, of a monitoring for Belfort, and also allows for every community belonging to the county of Territoire de Belfort to beneficiate of a new concept of logo that values the diversity, with freshness and dynamism. It is developped for a county communication “les Vitrines du Territoire”, for the markets “les Vitrines des marches de Belfort” and for the different communities (Beaucourt, Bessoncourt, Danjoutin, Delle-Joncherey, Giromany, Canton de Rougemont le Château, Valdoie). A booklet of presentation has been created for the merchants, to present the advantages and the actions led, along with a membership form.

Supports : logos, flap folder with a special cut, membership form, advertising campaign

Les Vitrines de Belfort //

Visual Identity

Les Francas du Gard // “On s’engage” Campaign

The Francas of Gard propose an accompaniment to towns in order to help them for the implementation of the reform of school rate. So, they launch a recruitment campaign to recruit animator who have the BAFA diploma. A dedicated web site with contact form allows to give personal informaion, degree, age, skills, availability, and a resume. Flyer is available in a lots of public places inviting people to register on the web site.

Supports : Web site, flyer, poster


Les Francas du Gard //

“On s’engage” Campaign

L'Atelier de la Rue sur l'Eau // Shop window

The goal was to gain visibility for this building down in the street. However, it was necessary to integrate harmoniously in a historical monument protecting zone and in other way to not block the light in this art gallery. That is why, the choice for a big lettering on the shopwindow was the ideal solution

Supports : Lettering (adhesive)

L'Atelier de la Rue sur l'Eau //

Shop window

"Oui pour la Vie" 2014 // Wedding Show

More than 40 wedding professional from Aire Urbaine, Franche-Comté and the South of Alsace come to share their ideas, advices, know-how at two meeting at the Atria at Belfort and La Roselière at Montbeliard : animation, festive article, jewelry, drinks, haircut, decoration, flowers, photos, dress, catarer… This year the theme of the show Oui pour la Vie is an invitation to follow the white rabbit to move in a fantastic and wonderful world to run wild the imagination.

Supports : Poster, 4×3, press announcement, badge, letterhead, business card, envelope, web site, Facebook page, exhibitors guide, invitation, press kit, fly, e-mailing, newsletter, Segway, mail signature


"Oui pour la Vie" 2014 //

Wedding Show

Institution Sainte Marie from Belfort // Global communication

In order to modernize his brand image, the Institution Saint Marie, created in 1875, entrusted us the creation of a new visual identity and communication medium.

Supports : Visual identity, stationery, web site and web formation.



Institution Sainte Marie from Belfort //

Global communication

Institution Saint Joseph from Belfort // Global communication

The Intitution Saint Joseph has set in place a new brand image that we have created. The new brand image is both modern and attached to tradictions.

Supports : Visual identity, stationery, flyer, web site and web formation.



Institution Saint Joseph from Belfort //

Global communication

Les Thés de Bernie // Global communication

Our mission was to reinforce the brand image of “Thés de Bernie” with the creation of a menu and pavement signs, but also the highlight of the new formula “Mon Bento chez Bernie”.

Les Thés de Bernie //

Global communication

L'Abeille Belfortaine // Welcome Booklet

To sum up the information given during the reception of the new adherents, a booklet is given. Presentation of the hive and its habitants, their anatomy and development period, this manual for beginners beekeeper approach the technical aspects and playful aspects, recipes for example !

Support : booklet

L'Abeille Belfortaine //

Welcome Booklet

SMTC // Activity Report

A sober and clean document who presents the SMTC activity. Big photos, the hightlights of numbers and words and charts can sum up the key point of the year 2012-2013.

Support : booklet



Activity Report

Les Francas du Gard // Activity Report

Every year, the “Francas du Gard” give us the conception and printing of their activity report. This document return missions, actions and goals of the associations in the region and each cities. As their image, the graphic universe evokes childhood, education, laicism and diversity.

Support : booklet

Les Francas du Gard //

Activity Report

Réseau d'Enseignement Privé // “Open Door Day” Campaign

A shared communication campaign for the Catholic education networks of “Aire Urbaine”. The Institution Saint Joseph from Belfort and Hericourt, the Institution Saint Marie were associated for a generic creation, declinable by a color system for each Institutions. The game caracters can target more precisely the differents age groups of the target audience. A specific web site for the campaign to find date, schedule and information by institution.

Supports : Poster, 4×3, flyer, tarpaulin, newsletter, web site


Réseau d'Enseignement Privé //

“Open Door Day” Campaign

Oasis Piscines // Catalog

After 2013, here is the 2014 edition catalog of “Oasis Piscines et Spas”. He regroups, in 72 pages, the differents products proposed : swimming pool aboveground or buried, processing, equipments, spa, hammam, tips and advices. Both technical and esthetic, this catalog is an invitation to swimming !

Supports : catalog, web site


Oasis Piscines //


Purple Hug // Global Communication

The Purple Hug is an invitation to discover a sober and timeless place. We have created the graphic charter who is simple and trendy.

Supports : flyer, cartes, signpost.

Purple Hug //

Global Communication

Territoire Habitat // Wishes 2014

An original whises card for “Territoire Habitat” : a pop up effect to work volume and 3D… with paper ! A modern realisation of the real-estate park is put forward in a representative part of the landscape and the North to South Offer by the Territory of Belfort.

Territoire Habitat //

Wishes 2014

SMTC // Greetings 2014

A Greetings campaign in 2014 declines in poster and on web, with a specific development for the numerical wishes card in order to shake the snow globe, symbyl of the Global Mobility Offer by Optymo.

Supports : Poster , interactive wishes card


Greetings 2014

CAB // Sorting Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to valorize persons, pushing the idea to the extreme, with humoristic tone. There are countless super-hero themed movies, series, comics in recent events. We use this iconography in the service of sorting by diverting Superman’s symbol, an anonymous man, but hiding great powers. However, the caracters opening their regular clothes, doesn’t show Superman’s logo but the recycling pictogram. So as the mythical hero, each citizens, by praticing the sorting, participate to the protection of the environment, consequently save the world ! The declension of sorting types is done by the choice of a man and a woman, by the color of their t-shirts, and containers visuals.

Supports : Poster, calendar, wish card, crossing card by secteurs

CAB //

Sorting Campaign

Colruyt // Mailling

In order to promote its online shoping service “Collect&Go”, Colruyt realise a direct marketing campaign, with two media from “La Poste” : Win’UP (stickers and insert glued on the envelope) and Webkey (mail with promotional USB ey)

Supports : Win’Up, Webkey, mail

Colruyt //


SMTC // Open House Day

Organisation of the open house day of Optymo at  the Atria, for the launching of Self-Service Auto and Global Offer Mobily. The agency  have worked on a global performance, in a first time, 3D modeling of the event to manage space, then graphical creations, printing and finally the event (organisation, decorations, sound system, lighting, buffet…).

Supports : 3D modeling, poster, tarpaulin, kakemono, exposition panel, directional panel, urn, foyer, invitation, décoration and furniture, lighting


Open House Day

SMTC // Self-Service Auto Campaign

The start of the Self Service Auto concluded the global mobility project, to combine means of transports in urban area. The agency intervened on the marking of the vehicle with Optymo brand, on the commercial operations, on the users guide. In order to informs Belfort Citiziens the lauching of the service in their city, a mail was send to Pass possessors, a flyer i given to residents near new terminals.

Supports : panel, commercial flying, informative leaflet, car marking, users guide, mail, envelope


Self-Service Auto Campaign

Mairie de Belfort // Tourist Mini-train

Used by tourists, the tourists mini-trains of Belfort is a showcase of the city. The most representative events of the Territory, landscape and patrimony displayed there proudly. Three great theme was discussed, cultivate the art of living, relive history, live great moments. By using characters, statues, diverted elements of decorations, the transition between the diffrents visuals with axis, lighting, different framings, fluidly, without graphical superfluous artifice.


Mairie de Belfort //

Tourist Mini-train

SMTC // New network

Optymo develops its communication on social networks, mainly Fracebook. In order to work on the same direction, this back-to-school time campaign is the occasion to make a link between to types of networks. The reference to social networks spread the idea of sharing, for a communal approach, related itself of the principe of self-service.

Supports : Creation of illustrations, poster, flyer, t-shirt & cap, Segway, stall, information staff



New network

SMTC // Summer campaign 2013

The bus is diverted and is set to color of the Summer. A general visual summarizing the offers : Optymo pass at Summer time.

Supports : 3D scenery, beach ashtray, flyer, stall, poster, affiche Decaux


Summer campaign 2013

Town Hall of Belfort // My purchases at Belfort, It Rocks !

Aimed to inform and reassure on the quality of the automobile traffic during realised works for urban planning to add new public transport networks, the city of Belfort, the municipality, the merchant association of “Belfort Plein Coeur”, the SMTC and the Chamber of Commerce associate for a communication campaign.

Supports : 4×3, directional panel on roadway, poster campaign, Z-Card, 3D modeling, «One Page» web site with animation in home page.


Town Hall of Belfort //

My purchases at Belfort, It Rocks !

SMTC // Sustainable Development

On a ironic and offbeat tone, the message gets better. Dinosaurs, dead species, gives good advices will full knowlegde of the facts. The principe was declined in two versions encouraging to take public transports : one for the bus and one for self-service bicycle.

Service : Creation of the graphic universe and décliesion (poster, flyer, table set, t-shirt), mounting stand with complete signage, technical staff for mounting and dismounting, animation (mini-farm, beekeeper, artistic program, naturopaty, drawning concour), staff (hostesses for stall and streetmarketing on Segway).



Sustainable Development

SMTC // Triple-Play Offer

A document proposing a original folding. Objectif : a logical argument accompagnied by the unfolding of the document : in a first time, we can discover the cost for an individual car, then the economic, ecological, and practical advantages to use the three way of transports proposed by Optymo (bus, car, bicycle) according to needs.

Support : leaflet A3 open, A5 closed


Triple-Play Offer

Avenir Bois & Traditions // Visual Identity

“Avenir Bois & Traditions”, subsidiary of the groupe “Negro”, offers his services in interior exterior installation to individual. Our client wanted to set a new colorfull and affable identity.

Supports : Catalog, business cards, letterhead, car marking.

Avenir Bois & Traditions //

Visual Identity

Territoire Habitat // Activity Report

To present the activity of the year and see the result, this report must be exhaustive without being off-putting : a magazine page style with big photos, structured texts and well hierarchized, valorize the action of public office.

Territoire Habitat //

Activity Report

SMTC // Winter Campaign 2012-2013

Declension of the Summer campaign realised earlier this year. With the same graphical procedure, the services are showed by illustrations : the montain for snow bus, the city and the Christmas Market for schedule evening.

Supports : Poster, flyer, video, newsletter, table set, stall



Winter Campaign 2012-2013

SMTC // Summer Campaign 2012

Goal : Illustrate the Optymo offer clearly without explanatory texts, while passing messages : evening schedule, Nautibus – of Belfort at Malsaucy. We retrieve symbolic places : the kiosk of the “Place d’Arme”, the cabin of the nautical base, the environnement house.

Supports : Poster, scratch card, table set, kakemono, video



Summer Campaign 2012

Keolis // Campaign Bus shuttle TGV

Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération and Kéolis present the bus shuttle TGV (High Speed Train) in campaign, including press announcement, street marketing in train station. A stall to welcome and inform travelers, who can try to win suitcase in the Kéolis web site or deposit their bulletin in an urn. Main target : upper class.                               Goal : prefer bus shuttle instead of cars. A leaflet in 3 sections, in landscape format to symbolise train tickets, it show the train schedule, the plan, route bus and useful contacts.

Supports : kakemono, flyer, poster, reception terminal, stall background

Keolis //

Campaign Bus shuttle TGV

SMTC // The Optymo advantages

The goal : Valorize users and give them the opportunity to benefit discount offers to private partners (leisure park, pizzeria, hairdresser, bowling, theater). It helps build relations with local economic players involved in Optymo project.

Web site : Design, Development (with identification module from pass Optymo and form to ask a pass Optymo)
Others supports : Mailling (Win Up)




The Optymo advantages

SMTC // Security Week

To symbolize risks involved on road, the image of eggs was choiced. Without protection, egg are fragile, but with a good packing, they can travel safely, like public transports.

Supports : Mailing egg box, stall, Segway, flyer, tryptish



Security Week

La Marmite à Mots // Shop window

This library for childrens situated in the old town of Belfort wanted to gain visibility. The agency have worked on the logo based on a illustrator and declined the new visual identity on the shop window. Banners offers in-depth work, same with the pavement sign.

La Marmite à Mots //

Shop window

Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération // Mobility Charter

“La Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération” presents his administration deplacement plan to its staff for vary and combine different conveyance for all professional/personnal deplacement : carpool, public transports, bicycle…..

Supports : Booklet, poster, corporate brochure, eco-mobility charter, flyer, folder, page background


Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération //

Mobility Charter

L'Amorié // Global communication

Situated in the heart of the Cévennes, l’Amorié is a group lodge, ambassador of the environnemental and eco-citizenship project of the “Assiociation Départementale des Francas du Gard” in the Languedoc Roussillon region.       A complete web site overhaul (new design, new hierarchy, new domain name, SEO), with the creation of the logo and visual identity and flyers.

Supports : logo, web site, flyer


L'Amorié //

Global communication

Territoire Habitat // Presentation Booklet

Destined for the prefect of Belfort, a 60 pages booklet presents “Territoire Habitat”.

After many historical mark, it is a description of the office of today, the organisation, the development. In conclusion, is presented projects of the urban park renovation : demolition and rehabilitation…

Territoire Habitat //

Presentation Booklet

Territoire Habitat // Tenants Letter

New building, rehabilitation, services, testimony and advice… The tenants letter is a monthly publication distributed in the housing office mailbox

Territoire Habitat //

Tenants Letter

Town Hall of Cravanche // Cravanche news

Work, childhood, meeting, community life, the municipal booklet of the town hall of Cravanche, informs regularly its citizens. The city receved the Territoral Press Award.

Support : brochure




Town Hall of Cravanche //

Cravanche news

Restaurant Kanzaki // Web site

An extremely clear and elegant web page to presents the restaurant and develop orders service by phone with home delivery. A simple page but complete : it’s possible to be present on the web at low cost !


Restaurant Kanzaki //

Web site

SMTC // Snow Bus

A courrier sent to the Optymo users to show the advantages of Snow bus to join the tops of the Alsace Balloon and enjoy the day on ski slope.

Supports : envelope, mail, sending



Snow Bus

Town Hall of Bavilliers // Review

The town hall of Bavilliers offers a municipal review for its citizen with a view to inform on the life and the achivement of the city. We were in charge for the creation and the printing.

Town Hall of Bavilliers //


Les Francas du Gard // Global communication

The goal of this web site is to allow 8 local structure of the association to make available specifical content to their structure. With different level access, everybody can administrate is own page, add content (activity, agenda, photos…). Each modification is approved by the main administrator. The web site give the possibility to parents to make a pre-registration. A domain name is attributed to the platform, and a subdomain for each territory.


Les Francas du Gard //

Global communication

SMTC // Optymo II

The goal : sensitize Belfort inhabitants to the establishment of a new bus network. A team visits Belfort inhabitants , with tablet to show the project and give them a booklet and a USB key.

Supports : Bus covering, poster, stationery, flyer




Optymo II


The fanzine of the Handball club of Belfort is proposed in a little A5 paper format. It contains informations about the club, feedback of the latest matchs, meetings, adversiting insert and local partners.

Support : booklet





BAUHB news

SMTC // My Optymo


Campaign in two time, teasing (my-o, your car for 31€/month) with : display, leafleft distribution, creation of an event web site with an application to calculate cost per months for a personal vehicle (fuel, maintenance, insurance), news and link to social networks, creation of a teasing video broadcasted on cinema and visioméric.

Then the revelation, my optymo, with : creation of a 3D scène, display, flyers distribution, usage of augmented reality with the mobile application Layar.


My Optymo

Mixed Syndicate of Management of Public Car Fleet // Vehicule Marking

Marking of a car fleet Citroên C1 for the CCAS.

Mixed Syndicate of Management of Public Car Fleet //

Vehicule Marking

Territoire Habitat // Bulletin from staff

Logo creation and graphical overhaul of communication medium internal to Territoire Habitat.

Territoire Habitat //

Bulletin from staff

Le Cèdre // Global communication

Creation of the logo and design. A graphical universe who remind the Liban.

Supports : flyer, card, sign

Le Cèdre //

Global communication

Rive Gauche // Shopwindows

As this store is a real institution, we have realised the hightlights of the brands proposed by this shop, choosing for a elegant and discreet visual. Changing logos in monochrome and orientation to frosted vinyl.

Rive Gauche //


Management center of territorial public service // Practical Guide Medical Committee & Reform Commission

Theses two guides for internal use take the form of a kit each composed of a folder incororating two 12-page booklet and sheets. A graphical bias institutional, extremely sober and clean, with a depth work on texts, give a professional and technical nature to these media.

Management center of territorial public service //

Practical Guide Medical Committee & Reform Commission

Sephora // Roadbook

The Roadbook is a tool aimed to analyse results on a period (week, month, year) and implement action to improve results.

Sephora //


Au Palais de Chine // Shopwindows

Creation, fabrication and poses stickers for shopwindows, to put forward the authenticity and refinement side of a restaurateur who offers since more than 20 years a familial and homemade cooking. We took the opportunity to highlight the possibility to take away the dishes offered by the etablishement.

Au Palais de Chine //


Town Hall of Delle // Delle infos

Visual overhaul and printing the public magazine of the city.

Town Hall of Delle //

Delle infos

"Oui pour la Vie" 2013 // Weeding show

Oui pour la Vie (Yes for life) is a weeding show leader in Urban Area. We create all the communication medium but also the event part (stall, hostess, parade, etc.).

"Oui pour la Vie" 2013 //

Weeding show

SMTC // On the road of the festival

A big urban game, with meetings and clues to find in differents bus stops ( numerical version available on web). the goal : Win places for the Eurockéennes Festival.

Supports : Display, press announcement, sticker, flyer, goodies, book, booklet, radio spot, website with online games


On the road of the festival

SMTC // Teenager pass

Mail addressed Direct marketing, send to Optymo users who have a child in school. Document layout, personalisation of the envelope and taking in charge of the massmailing with the databse provided.

Supports : mail, envelope, diffusion


Teenager pass

Déjeuner sur l'herbe // Visual identity

Creation of a logo for this establishment which focuses its offer on cooking only with fresh products

Supports : table set, sign, menu

Déjeuner sur l'herbe //

Visual identity