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Plenary Session of the Committee ISO


What is the relationship between an A4 sheet, drinking water, a hard hat and a pressure cooker? Standardization! The French Association for Standardization (AFNOR) publishes the collection of NF and AFAQ standards. It represents France at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In early November, AFNOR organized for a week in Belfort, the 68th plenary session of the standardization committee ISO / TC 184 / SC 4 Industrial Data, bringing together many international experts (Korean, Japanese, American, Italian, English…). These days were dedicated to the standardization of industrial data in the service of export competitiveness, development and consolidation of expertise, interoperability of digital exchanges.

Elephant accompanied the event by providing its expertise in the field of signage at the scene of the event (tarpaulin, signs, home terminal, spaces plans, badges, vehicle marking). The agency has also been responsible for the catering party, bringing a constant presence for breaks and meals, and organized a gala evening with the theme of “Wine and Cheese” for an introduction to the tastes of our land. It also provided transportation for participants, as well as the organization of city tours, major companies, or local artisans.

Based in the heart of the Valley of Energy, the agency Elephant is proud to have served industrialists, researchers, associations from different sectors (aerospace and automotive, energy, construction, manufacturing and transportation) which came to attend these days organized in partnership with the University of Technology Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) and the support of the Nuclear Engineering Division of EDF.


Supports: Visual identity, invitations, tarpaulins, signposts, reception area, spaces plans and planning, badges, vehicle marking, video recording.

Caterer service: cocktail party for between 50 and 100 people, warm and cold buffet with plancha or BBQ animations, (tea, coffee, pastries), gala evening for 50 people with the degustation of about fifthteen cheeses along with about ten different wines with animation.